The art of creating a meticulous beauty image has an unmistakable formula. When the nuances of multiple elements come together, you get the perfect beauty picture. Everything from crafting the perfect pose, team selection, the right modifiers, position of the lights, and the settings plays a role in this and if anything is no there, the image falls apart. It all comes together to create magic!

I want to de-mystify and break down everything that goes into creating my beauty images in this blueprint. This 30 minute video is packed with pure information and no fluff. I want you to learn the essentials of beauty photography so you can get in the studio and apply these principles immediately!

After this year’s popular Beauty Experience workshops in Europe and North America we are looking to share our passion and knowledge of the beauty industry to a wider audience and make it accessible from your devices at home. No matter if you shoot beauty or not, these principles of light can easily be applied to any genre. The moment you understand the basics of modifiers, and lighting setups that go into each setup is the moment you can break out and expand on that by involving your own creativity in any scenario.

I’m beyond excited to finally be able to offer a downloadable course to those of you who have been asking! This video has been crafted from the demands of my students and believe you will really love it!

Check out the trailer:

We know you don’t want to wait, so here’s a little look into what we’re including in this video!


what’s included in this video



The Foundation of Beauty gives an insight into the creation of a beauty editorial, from start to finish covering these elements:

  • brain storming and inspiration

  • team building

  • lights and modifiers

  • posing pointers

  • my 3 favourite lighting setups

  • tethering and culling


This 30 minute video is packed full of information, here’s a list of everything we go over!

  • Section 1 - Inspiration
    Learn what inspires me, how to get inspired yourself and how to pick the right canvass for your projects..

  • Section 2 - Teams

    How do you find creatives to collaborate with and what makes then suitable for you? Hear from my team members and learn what makes them good at their profession.

  • Section 3 - Modifiers

    Let me guide you through a variety of popular modifiers typically found in beauty photography and learn their pros and cons in order to help you pick the right one for you!

  • Section 4 - One Light Setup

    Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank! Let me show you what you can achieve with only one light!

  • Section 5 - Two Light Setups

    Watch me control those shadows by introducing a second light into my setup and talk you through the settings, plus my thoughts on shooting tethered.

  • Section 6 - My Signature Setup

    In this section learn about my favourite, 3 light setup for beauty as well as pointers about posing

  • Section 7 - Final Words

As a bonus

We’re also including a PDF kit list of everything in the video, along with lighting diagrams so you have everything you need to create incredible beauty images!

Here are some of the images we created in the video:

tut set.jpg

Early Bird Offer!

For a very limited time while we are spreading the word, the class will be available at a discounted early bird price :)

This is just the beginning

The Foundation of Beauty is just the start, we have so much more content we want to cover. If there’s anything else you’d like to see me talk about, be sure to join this discussion by joining our Facebook Group. I really care about what people want to learn, and this will help ensure future content is shaped by what matters to you the most.